My name is Joshua Sampson and I am a blogger who publishes content at an alarmingly slow rate. The purpose of Sampson-blog is to help me continue producing content that I enjoy on a regular basis and (hopefully) at a faster clip, as long as my “writey” is working (a “writey” is what I call the creative thing in my brain that does the creating–I imagine it looks like a Butterball Turkey with a machine gun).

My blog is a hodgepodge of interests, from pop culture to conspiracy, from current news to short fiction. Just treat it like your grandma’s house and I think we will be fine with the random junk and musings you find here.

If you like what I write, then stay current with my writing and fictioneering by clicking the “Follow” button in the sidebar to the left. Otherwise, give me some room so I can get this “writey” back up and running, because it has been giving me a whole lotta trouble lately, and you wouldn’t think an undead turkey with a machine gun would be that pissed off.