10 Medieval Slang Terms

While researching Medieval jargon, I found some slang terms that I found somewhat interesting. There are ten of them. Take a look and try to add them to your vocabulary so we can get one step closer to becoming a gaggle of babbling idgits.

1. Hufty-Tufty: A braggart, or one with swaggering manners.

2. Pitchkettled: Puzzled or confounded.

3. Nose of Wax: Fickle Personality, or one who often changes under minute influence.

4. Gundygut: A glutton or a voracious eater.

5. Gardyloo: A warning cry before throwing dirty water or slop from windows into the street; used in Edinburgh, Scotland.

6. Bellytimber: Food, sustenance, nourishment.

7. Balmy on the Crumpet: Crazy or insane.

8. Tirliry-Puffkin: A flirtatious woman, albeit light-headed and flighty.

9. Adam’s Ale: An amusing term for water, as it was the only drink available in the garden of Eden.

10. Fadoodle: Nonsense. Though, Urban Dictionary says it means penis, and uses this example, “Let me slide my fadoodle in your fanooder for a little bit.” Or, as definition four from the same entry poignantly defines, Fadoodle means, “Fingering a dickhole.”

Let’s just say it means nonsense.